Ninja pulls off a no-look Ocean Drake steal in League of Legends

Ninja streaming from Austria

Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins may have become a global celebrity playing Fortnite, but in recent times he’s been branching out from Epic’s battle royale game. Whatever he plays, his quick trigger finger and top of the range set-up will draw in thousands of viewers.

He’s been climbing the Valorant ranks already, but he’s also been dabbling in Riot’s ever-popular MOBA League of Legends since 2018. He’s clearly been practising off-stream, as well, because yesterday he hit a bafflingly good no-look shot to steal an on the Ocean Drake from the opposing team.

His teammate immediately tells him, “you have the biggest brain,” and we have to agree. Ninja doesn’t react to the kill or the comment, but you can tell he is brimming with pride at the no-look steal. We can only guess whether it was skill or luck – and most likely a mix of both – but it’s impressive to watch either way.

To be fair, according to, Ninja has already reached Gold 1 the LoL ranks this season, meaning he’s put some time and effort into playing competitively alongside his Valorant grind.

You can watch the clip of Ninja taking down the Ocean Drake without looking here:

We really feel the player in chat who just types “damn” and nothing else. That would be our thoughts if we spent ages trying to take down a dragon only for it to be stolen from underneath our noses by a player who can’t even see it.