G2 Caps brings out Anivia in MSI 2022 victory over Evil Geniuses

MSI 2022 day one sees a super rare midlane pick from G2's Caps, as he helps his team to a convincing victory against Evil Geniuses using Anivia

MSI 2022 Caps Anivia: A split image showing G2 Caps with his finger to his lips and a splash art for League of Legends champion Anivia

Day one of League of Legends MSI 2022 hasn’t even wrapped up yet and we’ve already seen some rather leftfield drafting – especially in G2’s victory over Evil Geniuses. In this EU vs NA clash, G2’s midlaner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther decided to commandeer a rarely seen champion that hasn’t been played on the international stage since Worlds 2019, and has only been picked five times across all competitive leagues in 2022 – Anivia.

Yep, despite goL.gg’s records showing that Anivia’s last pick came during a Portuguese league game in March, Caps decided to roll the dice on the ice on the international stage – and the gamble certainly paid off, with the Dane going 4/0/7 and G2 winning with relative ease. Maybe he was inspired by his fellow countryman and former LoL pro Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen, who was well known for his Anivia during his playing career.

While the last couple of years have seen smatterings of Anivia picks, mainly across tier two leagues, this is the first Anivia appearance at an international tournament since the 2019 World Championships. Yet another Danish player picked the Cryophoenix that day, as Team Liquid’s Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen locked it in a defeat against DAMWON Gaming.

In a post-match interview – during which host Yinsu Collins points out that Caps last played Anivia almost five years ago in a 2017 Rift Rivals tournament – the G2 midlaner says that his team had been “practicing [Anivia] back and forth throughout the year” and decided to pick it on the first day of MSI to get a “strong start” to the tournament.

He also hints that there are “plenty more” secret picks to come, so keep a close eye on those G2 drafts.

The victory against EG marks a successful 2-0 day for G2 after the reigning LEC champions took down the LCO’s ORDER earlier today.