Riot President says LoL MMO has a “very long road” ahead of it

The LoL MMO was originally announced at the end of 2020, and it looks like we are still a long way away from seeing any major updates from Riot Games.

League of Legends MMO development update March 2023: Caitlyn

The League of Legends MMO game is already gearing up to be one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the coming years. In the wake of LoL MMO executive producer Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street announcing that he is stepping down from the studio after nine years, President Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill has not only offered his thanks to the outgoing dev, but also an update on the game’s progress.

Speaking on the MMO, Tryndamere says that, two years following its official announcement, the game is still “in early development”, though this is unsurprising for a project of this scale. With that said, Tryndamere notes that the studio has “a direction that we’re very excited about”, even if there’s a “very long road to get there”.

On March 7, Ghostcrawler announced that he would be leaving Riot after almost a decade with the studio, citing “personal and professional considerations” as his reasons.

“I said from the beginning that building a League of Legends MMO worthy of you all was going to be a long journey”, Ghostcrawler tweets. “The most important job I could do as part of that was to build an amazing team, and while I try to stay humble overall, I will brag about this team all day!”

He signs off by saying that the project is in “good hands”, and that he will “be with you all playing” when the MMO finally arrives.

In his time as a Rioter, Ghostcrawler served initially as game design lead on League of Legends, and worked his way up to become its VP of IP and entertainment. In December 2020, he took up the mantle as executive producer of the LoL MMO upon its announcement.

Though no longer at Riot, Ghostcrawler says that he plans to stay in game development, noting that “a number of exciting opportunities” have already been presented to him.

Yes, it looks like it’s going to be quite some time before we get a proper update on the LoL MMO. However, at least we can take solace in knowing that Riot isn’t rushing things.