League of Legends caster LS says he has “no f*****g idea” what Aphelios does


If you’re still confused about Aphelios’ abilities, you’re not the only one out there. Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare, the League of Legends Champions Korea colour caster says he’s not looking forward to casting games this week because he has “no fucking idea” what Aphelios does.

The caster, who is also the former coach of Tempo Storm, made the admission while he was co-casting the Monday Night League of the League of Legends Championship Series on his own stream. The champion has been subject to a number of nerfs in recent patches, but it appears his kit is too complicated for casters to understand too.

“I will be casting LCK tomorrow and I have no fucking idea what that champion does,” LS says. “I’ve probably played against him about 100 times – maybe fucking more by now –  I have no fucking clue what I’m looking at, I don’t know what’s coming next. You just approach him and you’re guessing.

“Every time I see Aphelios, I remember Riot talking about how they didn’t want to make champions’ abilities too complex because they wanted it to be easily readable – they didn’t want lines of text. Now I look at Aphelios and I guess money really does buy everything.”

Riot Games spent an entire year creating the Lunari religious assassin and it shows. Aphelios has five weapons that he can use in the game that all do different levels of damage, although players have a hard time identifying which one’s which. As a result of his unpredictable build, the big brain, sad moon boi was recently voted as one of the most annoying champions in League of Legends.

LS might be saved by Aphelios’ ban rate in Korea though. At the last count, the champion had a ban rate of 223% – which includes both teams’ bans and remake bans.