LPL pro fined for being toxic to an LCK player in ranked League of Legends match

EDward Gaming top laner Aodi is punished for game chat messages towards DragonX's Keria


A pro player in the Chinese LPL has been fined for toxic behaviour after flaming one of the Korean LCK’s rising stars in a ranked League of Legends game.

EDward Gaming top laner Zhao ‘Aodi’ Ao-Di – who was part of the 2017 LPL Spring Split winning team when he went by the name of ‘Freecss’ – has been fined 20,000 Chinese yuan (around $2,800) by his team after being found guilty of toxic behaviour. EDward Gaming’s Weibo post, which was summarised in English by Korizon’s Kevin Kim, also states that Aodi is awaiting further punishment by the LPL after making inappropriate game chat comments to a fellow League of Legends pro: DragonX’s 17-year-old support Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok.

Dot Esports reports on exactly what happened in the ranked match and says that Aodi became frustrated with teammate Keria after he went top lane instead of assisting with a push down in bot lane. Aodi then sends Keria messages such as “FK you” and “i give you mom die,” before initiating a surrender vote.

While it is not reported by either Kim or Dot Esports, a rough translation of the full Weibo post also appears to implicate another LPL pro. The post appears to mention a fine and a two game suspension for Royal Never Give Up player Li ‘XLB’ Xiao-Long, although this has not been confirmed.

Keria is one of the LCK’s most promising young talents and at just 17 has been DragonX’s main support in 2020, helping them to a third place finish in the Spring. DragonX is also currently top of the Summer Split standings.

Aodi, meanwhile, has not seen competitive action for over a month in the LPL.