A League of Legends Pro League game just went 33 minutes without a kill

The first match between FunPlus Phoenix and JD Gaming was pretty spicy


The LPL is usually known for its fast paced and highly entertaining League of Legends matches, but in the league’s Spring Split semi-finals, it took 33 minutes for JD Gaming to claim first blood in their first match against Worlds champions FunPlus Phoenix.

By the time mid laner Zeng ‘Yagao’ Qi got the first kill, JD Gaming already had an 8k gold lead. Nine turrets had been taken, six dragons had been slain, and one baron had been claimed. It’s unusual for bloodless games to happen in the LPL, prompting caster Jake ‘Hysterics’ Osypenko to call it “the best and worth League of Legends within one game.”

Yagao’s first blood didn’t open the floodgates up too much, though. After his first kill, Lee ‘LokeN’ Dong-wook followed it up with another for JD Gaming. As the fallen FPX players had a 50 second wait to respawn, FPX cut the team fight short and recalled, something colour caster Robert ‘Dagda’ Price couldn’t believe.

“Back in my day we used to count the kills in the LPL per minute, not per ten” Dagda jokes after the match. “It feels like we’ve been cheated a little!”

The game, which went in JD Gaming’s favour, ended shortly after the 40 minute mark. Only 12 kills were recorded in the match, nine of which were in JDG’s favour.