LCK Summer Split kicks off with an Aphelios pentakill in the first game

Afreeca Freecs' Mystic unleashed a savage Aphelios penta to set the tone for the LCK Summer Spit

The Summer Split of the LCK kicked off earlier today, and in the very first game of the split fans got to witness something that sends shivers down every LoL player’s spine: an Aphelios pentakill.

Afreeca Freecs bot lane Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-jun decided to show the rest of the league that his team means business this split with a ferocious five-man wipe of Sandbox Gaming towards the end of game one. The tightly-packed teamfight resulted in his Aphelios’ dealing enormous amounts of damage onto all five of the Sandbox players, wiping out four of them instantaneously. The team then hunts down the last straggler for Mystic to finish off, awarding him an opening day penta and the MVP crown for the series.

Aphelios’ strength on the Rift has been a hot topic ever since the champion was released late last year. He has been one of the top picks in competitive LoL for AD carries, but will receive a substantial nerf in patch 10.3. This savagely fast pentakill from Mystic shows just how lethal Aphelios is right now and why he’s deserving of a nerf.

You can watch Mystic’s penta here.

Interestingly, this is Mystic’s second penta of 2020, with the first being a tasty Miss Fortune play in the Spring Split against – guess who – Sandbox Gaming.

The surprising start to week one of the LCK Summer Split continued into the following games, with reigning champions T1 losing its first series of the split to DragonX.