League of Legends coach kkOma leaves Vici Gaming to return to Korea

Vici Gaming says it respects his decision


Legendary League of Legends coach Kim ‘kkOma’ Jeong-gyun has brought a lot to the table since joining Vici Gaming last December. Although the team failed to make both the Spring and Summer playoffs this year, Vici Gaming’s performances have come on leaps and bounds. However, those improvements might grind to a halt next season because the head coach has handed his notice in.

According to Chinese media, kkOma’s wife is pregnant and he wants to fly back to Korea to spend time with his family. Although the coach and the organisation were working on a deal for 2021, negotiations clearly fell through.

“It is a pity that due to his personal wishes, we could not go hand in hand further in the following seasons, but we fully understand the importance of family,” Vici says in a statement. “We understand the father who does not want to miss watching his child grow up and we understand the husband who cares deeply for his wife. Ultimately we fully support and respect the coach’s decision.”

kkOma joined Vici Gaming from SK Telecom T1 in December 2019 after expressing an interest in helping raise the bar and profile of one of the league’s worst performing teams.

Under his leadership, the team went from being a bottom of the table team, to a middling contender which nearly secured playoff contention.