League of Legends band K/DA returns with a new track

Of all the League of Legends bands out there, K/DA is up there as one of the community’s favourites. Unfortunately, since the girl group’s 2018 debut banger Pop/Stars, we haven’t heard from them since. Until now.

K/DA is back with a brand new single, titled The Baddest, almost two years after the release of Pop/Stars. However, there are a few differences, as two of the original quartet have been replaced with some new artists for this track. (G)-Idle duo and K-pop icons Miyeon and Soyeon return to the K/DA lineup as Ahri and Akali, respectively. However, original members Maddison Beer and Jaira Burns are replaced by Bea Miller and Wolftyla, who take on the roles of Kai’Sa and Evelynn in the group for this song.

K/DA fans will also be thrilled to know that this won’t be just a one-off appearance from the girl group like in 2018. An entire EP is slated for release later this year, and you can expect to hear a fair few different sounds and voices on it when it eventually drops.

While the virtual makeup of the group will remain as Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Ahri, and Akali, the voices behind the champions will change as different artists lend their voices and styles to the band in a number of collaborations.

Which other artists will we see take on a role in K/DA? Unfortunately, we don’t know just yet, but the entire project will be released on Riot’s own music label. The head of Riot Music, Toa Dunn, promises the EP will be “packed with tons of surprises for League of Legends and K/DA fans to enjoy.” Sounds promising.

One rumour that looks to have been quashed with this latest track is that K/DA would be getting a fifth member in the form of rumoured champion Seraphine.

K/DA is one of a number of virtual bands composed of some of League of Legends most recognisable characters, including True Damage and Pentakill.