Jankos loses his mind over Aphelios’ lifesteal during League of Legends match


While G2 got the better of Fnatic during the LEC this weekend, there was one moment in the game that the team’s jungler Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski could not believe.

While analysing a replay of the match – which was the most watched regular season LEC match ever – with the viewers of his stream, Jankos hones in on a Fnatic’s AD carry Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson, who is using a champion that’s caused quite a stir recently in competitive League of Legends, Aphelios. He highlights how Rekkles is left “one shot” after being on the receiving end of a pinpoint Dawning Shadow from Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther’s Senna. Jankos then gets animated as he sees him regain practically all his health in seconds by utilising the healing ability of Aphelios’ Severum weapon.

“He [Rekkles] almost gets one shotted and he panic ults, but look at his life still,” Jankos says as Rekkles’ Aphelios begins to rapidly regain health. “Look at it. Just look at his life still. Look. Look! He’s full HP! How? How?”

Jankos then replays the moment. “He’s like 50 health, like a slither of health – [snaps fingers several times] – Took him like four seconds and he’s full. And you know, our communication in game was like: ‘OK guys, Aphelios is very low we can fight, we can fight.’ And now we say: ‘Aphelios is full HP!’”

Aphelios’ superfast lifesteal from using his Severum is just one of a number of issues members of the LoL community have with the very unpredictable champion at the moment.

However some, like Team Liquid’s Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng, has called out players for complaining about Aphelios, labelling them “hysterically pathetic.”

One thing’s for sure, Aphelios still continues to be one of the meta picks for ADCs in competitive League of Legends, and will likely be for some time until he gets some serious changes by Riot.