IWillDominate allowed to co-stream League of Legends esports again

The popular League of Legends streamer was six months into his year-long ban

Popular League of Legends streamer Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera has revealed he can once again co-stream action from the LCS on his Twitch channel after having his League of Legends Partner Program ban lifted by Riot.

IWillDominate was initially banned from the program in July last year for violating Riot’s “policies and desire to foster a safe and inclusive community.” The ban was issued for 12 months, but IWillDominate has had his co-streaming privileges reinstated after serving only half of that.

At the time, the streamer claimed that Riot never gave him the exact reason or provided evidence as to why he was suspended from the Partner Program, and had an appeal against the decision rejected. The ban also came shortly after another of the program’s biggest streamers, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, was also suspended. Now though, seemingly for good behaviour and no further incidents, IWillDominate is free to co-stream LoL esports content once more.

“Happy to announce that I have been given permission by Riot to co-Stream LCS again!” he says in his announcement tweet. “Really thankful that I can resume the co-streams and excited to move forward together with Riot and the LCS into the 2021 season.”

IWillDominate also say the co-streams will resume straight away and he will be broadcasting the action from the first week of the LCS Spring Split this weekend.