Injury-struck League of Legends star Huni retires after eight years

League of Legends esports veteran Huni has announced his full retirement from professional LoL due to a recurring wrist injury for the TSM player

League of Legends Huni retires

‘History always remembers the victors’ – or so they say. In League of Legends, it is usually those who stencil their names into the annals of Worlds history who are acknowledged for their achievements. However, there are those who, despite never winning the game’s most prestigious title, leave an imprint so strongly on its pro scene that their presence will never be forgotten post-retirement. Heo ‘Huni’ Seung-hoon – who last night announced his own retirement – is one such player.

Having been marred by chronic wrist issues, Huni stepped down from Team SoloMid’s first team back in July. Unfortunately, taking time away from League hasn’t done enough to resolve it, as the 24-year-old last night shared a Twitlonger stating not only that his contract with TSM had been terminated, but he would be retiring completely from professional play.

Although Huni hasn’t decided on what he wishes to do post-retirement just yet, he says that he hopes to remain in esports “since [I] haven’t won LCS yet”. While he never won an LCS title, Huni does at least have a Mid-Season Invitational trophy, two MSI appearances, three Worlds appearances, two EU LCS (now LEC) titles, and one LCK title to his name. Not a bad haul by any means.

Huni’s eight-year career took the Korean across three regions – the first player to have represented all of them at Worlds. Having initially signed with Samsung Galaxy back in 2014, Huni wouldn’t become a nailed-on starter until he joined EU LCS side Fnatic at the start of 2015. While on Fnatic, Huni quickly became a fan favourite, and was a key part of its legendary 18-0 record-setting roster in the Summer of that year.

However, an NA region in need of serious firepower would snap up Huni, alongside fellow Fnatic teammate Kim ‘Reignover’ Yeu-jin for the 2016 NA LCS (now LCS) season. Though Huni did not find glory in NA, he would when LCK powerhouse SKT T1 (now T1) came knocking in 2017.

After securing an MSI trophy and a second place finish at Worlds that year, Huni would once again return to NA, initially on Echo Fox, and then Clutch Gaming where he was paramount to the team’s Worlds 2019 qualification. From there, he would go on to play for Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, and finally TSM.

Over on the Reddit thread discussing Huni’s retirement, fans have shared a selection of his finest moments, including the time he 1v1’d SKT teammate Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik, as well as David ‘Phreak’ Turley’s iconic “quadra kill” cast.

Though Huni will no longer be gracing the Rift with his infectious presence, we can’t wait to see what the future “holo holo” holds for him.