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League of Legends revamps Honor rewards with ‘Three Honors’ skin line

The League of Legends Three Honor skins are set to replace the current top end rewards for good behaviour, according to developer Riot Games

League of Legends Honor System Three Honors skins: Malzahar

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced a shake up in its top end rewards for the hit MOBA game’s Honor system, introducing a fresh skin line for players who show exemplary behaviour across the LoL ranked season.

According to a new blog from the studio, The ‘Three Honors’ skins will begin rolling out this season, kicking off with a fancy new look for Malzahar. According to behavioural systems product lead Hana ‘TimTamMonster’ Dinh, the new skins will replace the chromas Riot currently releases for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick each year.

So how can players ensure they’re earning as much Honor as possible to secure this exclusive cosmetic? Well, TimTamMonster says that being consistently positive will land you in the system’s good books. Additionally, being a part of a match made team – rather than just your pals – will yield more Honor as a measure to prevent “Honor trading between friends”. Oh, and if everyone on your match made team honors another player, guess what? More Honor for you.

TimTamMonster also notes that there’s a hierarchy when it comes to which queue offers up the most Honor:

  • Ranked Solo and Ranked Flex
  • Normals, ARAM, and event modes
  • Co-op vs AI

This, the developer says, “reflects the stakes, as well as the amount of social interaction each queue offers.”

Conversely, negative behaviour will of course affect both the rate at which your Honor level progresses, and can even lead to a decrease in your level altogether.

Before signing off, TimTamMonster reveals that there are a whole host of exciting updates on the way, including the ability for Riot to “evaluate text live in-game”, providing League’s systems with the ability to mute unruly players in real time. Pre-made lobbies will also get their own text channel, providing another method to bypassing abuse from those who definitely aren’t putting the ‘mate’ in ‘teammate’.

Perhaps the most exciting change on the way is that, finally, players will soon be able to report toxic players mid-game.

But it’s not just about avoiding and removing toxicity, as TimTamMonster notes Riot is also “working on improving your ability to play again with those you’ve enjoyed playing with in the past, by providing easy ways to create parties with players you’ve honored or have honored you.”

With some swanky new rewards and a host of long-awaited features heading to League, Riot is clearly building on the positive changes already seen following the introduction of Honor recalls earlier this year.