League of Legends feeders will be punished in new player behaviour updates

There's a big focus on AFK players and inting

League of Legends: Lee Sin

Riot Games has released its latest update on combating negative behaviours in League of Legends and there are a bunch of new measures coming into play to detect nuisance players and stop players losing LP to griefers.

In its August 2020 Behavioral Systems update, Riot outlines a number of plans that are in the works, with a focus on minimising the negative effects of teaming up with a player who goes AFK and identifying players who are idle or inting. The post says that after “100s of depressing manual VOD reviews and verification exercises, we think we’re in a good enough place to start getting improvements to how we detect intentional feeding and idle/AFK behaviors out for testing.” These updates promise to detect these problematic players at twice the rate Riot can now.

With improved detection, Riot are also looking to test new ways of preventing LP loss and discouraging AFK players. This will include early surrender options if Riot identifies a player who is AFK, “LP mitigation” for those playing ranked League of Legends, and longer queue lockouts and warning notices for those who AFK.

Some of these updates are already live from the latest patch, while others will be rolled out in the next few patches.

These measures will come as a relief for players, particularly those who wait in ranked queues with LP on the line only for their matches to be ruined by inting and idle players.