Caps says Perkz’s role swap will make League of Legends “more fun” for him

He says a whole year of playing ADC was boring for Perkz and claims keeping spirits high is G2's key to success


It was one of the biggest talking points of the offseason and it’s already proven to have record-breaking results, but Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther’s role swap on G2’s League of Legends roster appears to be not just about pure skill, but also about keeping their morale and team chemistry high.

Speaking on a livestream on December 2, Caps was asked by a viewer about why he would swap roles when he was one of the best mid laners in the world. The Dane responds by saying that the swap gives G2 a “better chance at winning” Worlds 2020 because it will mean that Perkz can have more fun while playing now he isn’t stuck in bot lane.

“I know that ‘fun’ is kind of subjective, right,” says Caps, “but AD carry is probably less fun than mid lane as a role, because you basically play to survive while in mid lane you play to make plays. So playing it all day every day, it can get too much, and obviously Perkz was playing AD carry for like a full year. I think him being back on mid lane will make it a lot more fun for him.”

Caps goes on to add that by ensuring all of the roster is having fun while playing they have a better chance at competing at an even higher level, claiming that the team’s strength “comes from being close with each other and having a lot of fun with the game.”

While the role swap rumours were circulating during the offseason, captain Perkz confirmed that it was Caps’ idea in the first place to change from ADC to mid lane.

G2 continues to be the dominant side in the first weeks of the LEC and are currently the only unbeaten team with a 4-0 record. Only time will tell if the switch will be the deciding factor in them going one further than last year and clinching a Worlds title.