G2 Esports announces Hel-raising all-female League of Legends roster

League of Legends giant G2 Esports has picked up the former Burger Flippers squad to compete as G2 Hel - the organisation's all-female roster

League of Legends G2 Hel roster announcement: G2 Hel

European League of Legends powerhouse G2 Esports has announced that it has signed a new, all-female roster. Having previously competed together as ‘Burger Flippers’, the new team – G2 Hel – will compete in the upcoming LoL GirlGamer World Championship.

Consisting of Olivia ‘Lizia’ Nnenna Calistus, Agnė ‘Karina’ Ivaškevičiūtė, Alena ‘TIFA’ Maurer, Maya ‘Caltys’ Henckel, and Ève ‘Colomblb’ Monvoisin, G2 Hel already has a winning pedigree, with the team securing its GirlGamer Worlds spot while playing under the Burger Flippers banner after winning the GirlGamer Oradea Festival EU event back in July.

“We took Valorant by storm with the G2 Gozen team, which includes five of the most gifted and entertaining players who happen to be females”, says G2 founder and CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez. “You should expect nothing less from G2 Hel. We will dominate competitively, all while having fun the G2 way.”

It is no secret that League’s female scene is woefully underdeveloped, especially when compared to sister game Valorant. Caltys, who herself is the highest ELO player in EU West’s LoL ranks, hopes that the move will “open more opportunities for women to enter esports and inspire more young girls to start playing competitively.”

Meanwhile, LoL esports veteran TIFA says that G2 Hel is “a huge milestone that breaks stereotypes, full of opportunity and possibility for female gamers and the esports sector in general – one we’ve all been hoping and waiting for for a long time.”

G2 Hel continues the naming convention established with the G2 Gozen Valorant team, taking inspiration from another powerful female figure in the goddess of death herself.

With G2 potentially paving the way for more major organisations to pick up female or mixed-gender, we could see a huge leap forward for the scene. Should there be enough interest, we would love to see developer Riot Games port its Game Changers competition over to one of the best MOBA games out there.