Faker loses a Bronze ranked League of Legends game during Rick Fox’s charity stream

Faker's 38 kills weren't enough...


He’s a three-time Worlds champion, an esports Hall of Famer, and arguably the greatest League of Legends player ever. But not even Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok can guarantee his team a win in a Bronze ranked game.

Faker, who was playing on a new account alongside former Echo Fox owner Rick Fox for a charity stream ahead of this weekend’s All-Star event, dropped 38 of his team’s 58 kills in an hour long match in Bronze… but his team still lost. He didn’t even get given MVP.

The T1 player went 38/5/12 in the match as Teemo, while Fox, who is currently ranked Bronze 3, went 6/16/16 while running Lucian. Fox commemorated Faker with a ‘Bronze Faker’ jersey after the match on stream as a memento, and says: “Here you go, soy you remember when you were in Bronze… Have you ever been in Bronze?” This prompts a lot of laughter when Faker replies: “I have never been Bronze.”

Also on Faker and Fox’s losing team were a Bronze 4, a Bronze 1, and a Silver 4. As you can see below, Faker really was the hard carry in this one…

Fox’s 24-hour charity stream, which has also featured the likes of Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp dropping in, is in aid of helping those affected by Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas.

Fox will conveniently have plenty of League of Legends talent milling around to jump into his stream as he is streaming from the venue for the 2019 All-Star event in Las Vegas. At the time of writing, he is only 12 hours in, so jump in and see which other famous LoL faces will appear for a few games of Bronze.