Doublelift calls LCS pros “hysterically pathetic” for not understanding Aphelios

He says that it's part of a pro LoL player's job to understand new champions


Team Liquid’s AD carry Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng has hit out at his fellow League of Legends pros, claiming it’s “absolutely embarrassing” that many are yet to completely figure out the newest ADC champion, Aphelios.

While Aphelios’ strength and unpredictability has been criticised by many, Doublelift – who put in a solid performance with the champion in Team Liquid’s LCS matchup against FlyQuest going 7/1/2 – seems to have got to grips with the marksman and his cycling weapons. He believes that it’s unacceptable that professional players are complaining about Aphelios and that it’s “literally [their] job” to work out and get to grips with new champions. Speaking to Travis Gafford after the second week of LCS competition – which has seen a shaky Team Liquid come away with two wins and two defeats – Doublelift vents his frustrations about players complaining about Aphelios.

“I think it’s absolutely embarrassing that half the people in LCS right now still don’t know what Aphelios does,” he says. “Like, it’s literally your job. You spend 10 hours a day [playing LoL], you can’t take the time to figure out what this champion does? It’s hysterically pathetic.”

Doublelift also singles out FlyQuest’s Omran ‘Viper’ Shoura as an example of a player not understanding Aphelios’ capabilities after the two teams’ clash in the LCS at the weekend.

While admitting that – along with Senna – Aphelios is one of the “meta picks,” Doublelift is also quick to point out that there are drawbacks to playing him and claims that if you make “one mistake you become useless.”

Over in LEC, another top ADC has shared conflicting thoughts over Riot’s latest champions. Fnatic’s Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson claims that old champions will be “barely played” if Riot continues to make its new releases too strong.