DAMWON’s League of Legends players are taking over the EUW solo queue ladder


For the highest-ranked League of Legends players in the EU West region, Worlds 2019 might be causing them more annoyance than enjoyment.

That’s because their solo queue ladder is being overrun by players from one of the Asian teams attending Worlds: DAMWON Gaming. As was reported by Ashley Kang, DAMWON’s jungler Kim ‘Canyon’ Gun-bu has now overtaken G2 Esports’ Danish player Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther as the number one ranked player in the EUW ladder. He is also joined in the top ten by teammates Heo ‘ShowMaker’ Su (third), Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon (fifth), and Son ‘Punch’ Min-hyuk (ninth).

The fact that  Caps has been thrown off the top spot by Canyon may add a little extra rivalry when G2 and DAMWON face each other in the quarter finals of Worlds on October 27. In what will be a hotly contested matchup, both teams will be vying for a chance to play either SK Telecom or Splyce in the semis.

Some standout stats from the DAMWON players include ShowMaker’s 100% win rate using Vayne and current top dog Canyon having an overall win rate of 71%.

Canyon’s lead over Caps at the top stands at 76 LP, at the time of writing. You can keep to date with how the leaderboard looks and take a delve into some of the stats at OP.gg.

The closest European player to Caps is currently Fnatic’s Gabriël ‘Bwipo’ Rau in fourth, but he too is slowly being pushed down the ladder by the GAMWON players.

The invasion of the EUW leaderboard by the South Koreans shows just how much effort they’ve been putting into practicing in their downtime whilst being at Worlds.

However, we’re sure Caps won’t be too worried about losing top rank if his team can beat DAMWON and progress to the semis in their quest to become the first EU team to win Worlds in eight years.

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