Critical strikes will be nerfed in League of Legends Season 11

League of Legends Season 11 nerfs the power of critical strikes

Yasuo, with his long white hair in a ponytail, runs away from a fire

It appears League of Legends’ public beta environment (PBE) will be testing some long awaited changes to the game’s controversial critical strike system.

Mark Yetter, the lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, explains that the goal is to shift the power of critical strike items to other stats, making several new builds possible for specific champions. That being said, it’s difficult to know exactly how much this will impact the game without knowing the rest of the changes coming in Season 11’s massive item overhaul.

There have been a number of comments from the League of Legends community already speculating that this will be the end of crit champions. However, Yetter pre-emptively warned players not to get upset about these changes until they see the full picture on the PBE. You won’t have to wait long to find out as the full patch notes will be shared next week when the update hits the PBE.. Riot is drip feeding the proposed changes to players rather than overloading everyone with too many changes.

“We will be making sure non crit champs still have access to items with similar niches and are doing some creative things for on-hit type champions to open up their options,” says Yetter.

It’s important to remember that these changes are not set in stone and will not be heading to the regular servers without player feedback. If you want to know how these changes will impact your playstyle, it may be worth signing up to the League of Legends PBE ahead of time.