100 Thieves’ Cody Sun thinks League of Legends champions deal “too much damage”

Cody Sun

100 Thieves’ AD carry Cody Sun has given his thoughts on the direction League of Legends has taken in recent times and believes the game is “volatile” because of the amount of damage champions are able to deal.

In an interview with Esports Heaven’s Chris ‘Izento’ Morrison, Cody Sun cited the introduction of the Runes Reforged system as the turning point, as he believes it gave “extra damage [to] pretty much everyone” and uses the current example of ADC’s complaining about getting one-shotted by champions like Leona and Nautilus.

When then asked if he thinks supports, specifically, have too much damage, he simply replies: “I think everyone in the game has too much damage.” The 22-year-old then calls out Qiyana as an especially strong champion in the current meta and says that there are champions that “can do things champions in the past just wouldn’t be able to do.” Having been playing for nearly five years in competitive League of Legends, Cody Sun has experienced top-tier LoL both before and after the introduction of Runes Reforged, and appears to think the amount of damage champions can now deal has gone too far.

100 Thieves has been struggling somewhat in the LCS so far this split, sitting in joint sixth with four other teams on a 4-6 record. He goes on to say that this movement towards high damage champions has benefited the likes of the currently unbeaten Cloud9 as it suits the team’s aggressive play style.

However, Cody Sun’s interpretation that all champions have gotten stronger damage-wise since Runes Reforged has been challenged by some.

League of Legends shoutcaster David ‘Phreak’ Turley took to Reddit to say that it is “mathematically untrue” that everything is getting more powerful and puts this belief down to a “perception issue” by ADCs.

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