Riot addresses LoL Clash issues for 2022 Shadow Isles Cup

League of Legends' 2022 Shadow Isles Cup didn't go exactly to plan, as players faced a number of issues with the Clash event. Fortunately, Riot is on the case

League of Legends Clash reward issues July 2022: Seraphine

League of Legends developer Riot Games has responded to reports from players regarding issues faced during this weekend’s Clash event. A number of people partaking in the bi-monthly tournament had taken to social media to share their experiences of games not starting, or rewards not being received.

Over on Reddit, user ‘GiveMeMyOrbs’ says they reached out to Riot after failing to get the loot from their first place win. In response, the developer says that teams affected by the issues have had their tickets automatically refunded, though any rewards earned won’t be credited.

Taking to the Reddit thread to add extra context, Rioter ‘Auberaun’ says that some players had also received double rewards, which will be left alone. Additionally, those who had completed their tournament brackets, but hadn’t received rewards would get them – the support ticket response, Auberaun says, applies only to those who hadn’t completed brackets in their entirety. “We’re working to make what happened this weekend right,” they say.

Luckily then, for those who were affected by the issues, Riot is on the case. At the very least, those who did run into problems will be able to get into August’s Zaun Cup without having to dip into their pass reserves.

While most of us mere mortals will never reach the LoL Worlds stage, Clash is certainly a refreshing, more competitive shakeup from our LoL ranks games.