Caedrel leaves Excel and takes a break from competitive League of Legends

Caedral of Excel at the LEC

Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont has left Excel Esports and has announced that he is also taking a step back from playing League of Legends professionally. The jungler made the announcement via a video on Twitter, in which he says he had “high expectations” of himself as a pro player. However,  Caedrel admits that he was “not able to achieve the results” at Excel and takes responsibility by saying: “I can only really blame myself for that.”

Caedrel also admits that “casting, being behind the desk, and meeting all these great people behind the scenes has been so much fun for me” after the Brit landed himself spots as an analyst for the LEC Summer Playoffs and Worlds 2020.

There’s certainly evidence that this has been coming for a little while. Speaking to The Loadout during Worlds, Caedrel said: “the casting thing is fun, it’s really enjoyable. It is a career that I’m also considering, but I’m definitely leaning towards playing the most because it’s something I really love. So that’s where my head’s at right now”. It seems that the draw of casting may have grown significantly since that interview, describing his casting experience as “a spark in my life”.

Stepping back from professional play has clearly been a difficult decision to make. “Although it’s been something I’ve loved so much as a kid, I feel that it’s really difficult to live a life and achieve personal goals and desires when you have this restraint of eyes on you and the pressure to perform.”

Excel has struggled to make an impact in the LEC over the last two seasons. In 2019, it finished ninth in the Spring Split and last in the Summer, while this year it placed seventh in both splits. It will now be on the hunt for a new jungler and hope for a change in fortunes for 2021.