League of Legends fan crafts monster 160,000-stitch cross-stitch panel

A League of Legends fan has created what could be the biggest League cross-stitch ever produced, and it's been made in the visage of one buggy boy

League of Legends biggest cross-stitch: Death Blossom Kha'Zix

There are some pretty big League of Legends fans out there. Some players decorate their rooms in all sorts of merch – like Star Guardian body pillows – while others transform into their favourite champions through the power of cosplay. However, one League enjoyer has gone big, and after well over a year ‘Mi’ has completed what could be the biggest League cross-stitch of all time.

Having created the beautiful, 160,000-stitch panel depicting Death Blossom Kha’Zik for her boyfriend ‘Exos’, who himself shared the final creation on Reddit, Mi says that it took a whopping 453 days in total to finish the lengthy project. Sheesh.

Exos says the canvas has “kilometers of yarn stitched into it”, with 51 different colours of yarn being utilised throughout the piece. Needless to say, the final result is absolutely gorgeous.

You can check out the Twitch VOD of Mi showcasing the cross-stitch in all its glory below.

Although there’s not an official list of ‘biggest League cross-stitches’, we’re not going to qualm the claim that this is, indeed, the biggest League stitch ever produced.