A former League of Legends designer wanted to “copyright the moon” for Aphelios

CertainlyT, who no longer works on the design team at Riot, also wanted Aphelios' power to change during the lunar cycle

Aphelios League of Legends

A former member of Riot’s design team had previously suggested that new League of Legends champion Aphelios should have his power fluctuate throughout the actual lunar cycle.

Bradford ‘CertainlyT’ Wenban, who has been a divisive figure amongst the LoL community and has helped design champions such as Yasuo and Kalista, no longer works in the design department at Riot. However, during his time there he apparently made the radical suggestion during the early stages of Aphelios’ creation, according to a former QA Analyst at the company, Nabi Tem .

In a Twitter thread posted by Tem, he says that CertainlyT was renowned for coming out with boundary-pushing and exciting suggestions during the design processes for champions, and that it was no different with Aphelios’ year-long creation. “Fun fact,” Tem tweets. “While Aphelios was in development, CertainlyT mentioned to the Playtest Team that he wanted Aphelios’ power level to change based on the phase of the moon IRL. To this day, I still don’t know if he was being serious.”

He also recalls hearing CertainlyT say that he wanted players to “go outside, see that it’s a full moon, and run home to play League,” and added that at one point he joked that Riot should “copyright the moon.”

If CertainlyT’s idea became true, that would mean that Aphelios, who has been dubbed ‘sad moon boi’ by fans, would be a more viable champion during full moons which occur every 29 days and be at his lowest when there is a new moon.

After thousands of LoL fans saw Tem’s observations on Twitter and Reddit, the former Riot employee wanted to clarify his stance on CertainlyT after receiving some negative comments about him.

“That tweet isn’t to signify that he thinks of insane ideas that can never exist but rather showcase his innovation,” Tem says. “From Akali surfing nami waves to Aphelios’ power level, to me CertainlyT represents the type of designer who wants to find issues that we aren’t even aware of and look for potential solutions.”

Tem also added that “a lot of memorable, sick, and silly things” would crop up during the design process of any League of Legends champion in order to push boundaries and create new, left field mechanics for players to enjoy.

No matter your past thoughts on CertainlyT, it seemed as if he certainly had some innovative ideas, and a champion like Aphelios shows how mechanics are being stretched further than before with his five cycling weapons.

However, linking the LoL universe to the real world might be just a step too far.