Aphelios’ ban rate in League of Legends hits 223% in Korea

The champion is a little overpowered right now.


If there’s ever a sign that a champion should be nerfed in League of Legends, it’s their ban rate, and it turns out Aphelios is pretty overpowered. The newly added champion has a ban rate of more than 200% in the Korean Challengers ladder, making him one of the strongest champions in the game.

Aphelios, who was added during the last full moon of the decade, has an arsenal of complex moon relic weapons which can be deadly if used at the right time. His complex kit makes him one of the hardest champions to master, but also one of the most powerful too.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the champion has a staggering 223% ban rate in the Korean ladder, according to stats site fow.kr (via Reddit). The maximum ban rate for games is 200% as both teams ban champions, but Aphelios’ percentage has crept up with remakes.

For comparison, Akali, the Rogue Assassin, is the second most banned champion in Korea and has a ban rate of 174%.

However, Riot will be nerfing Aphelios at the start of season 10 in patch 10.1. The champion’s base HP will be decreased from 530 to 500 and his movement speed will change from 330 to 325. Calibrum, Infernum, and Aurelion Sol will also be nerfed in the patch, which will hopefully make him a more viable choice heading into the new ranked season.