Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says League of Legends helps her deal with Twitter hate

AOC shed some light on her recent climb to Silver 3 in League of Legends

Democratic Party congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has celebrated her “small quarantine accomplishment” of hitting Silver 3 in ranked League of Legends – in between all of the political shenanigans of course. AOC took to Twitter to update followers on her progress in ranked play and even gave them some insight into her play style and how League of Legends’ infamous toxicity has helped her cope with those who are less than palatable on social media.

The Democrat – who has already surpassed her highest ranking of last season, Silver 4 – had a very political answer for one fan who asked her about which role she plays on the Rift. “One can say my role is to support the people,” AOC responds, before revealing which champions she’s been mastering throughout Season 10 to ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger.

“Won my promos on Sona, but I also play Janna, Lux, and Morg,” she tells him. “Working on my Lulu, but it’s not ready for prime time yet.” She also elaborates on Sona’s abilities to another follower, joking that “her ult is definitely the Medicare for All of the game.”

She is also asked whether playing with the “dregs of society” in LoL has prepared her for the barrage of hate she receives for being a prominent political figure on social media, to which she replies: “Definitely. Right-wing Twitter is child’s play compared to inting 13-year-olds.”

While her love for League of Legends is no secret, it’s always intriguing to see how well celebrities and famous faces get on in ranked play and which champions they enjoy playing.

It’s doubtful AOC will get much more time to continue her ranked climb with the 2020 US election looming, but at least League of Legends’ “dregs” have toughened her up for the battlefield of American politics.