League of Legends All-Star returns in 2020 with an online, three-day event

Is... Is that an Ornn skin?

Tyler1 and Faker

To round off what is often a hectic, dramatic, and exhausting year of League of Legends esports, Riot Games usually throws a bit of a party with its All-Star event, pitting regions and pro players against each other in light-hearted and often unorthodox games of LoL.

Many were reserved to the fact that, due to coronavirus restrictions, All-Star 2020 wouldn’t be happening. Well, you’re wrong – it is. Riot has just announced an online All-Star 2020 event that will involve all of its competitive League of Legends regions and last for three days. Fans will still be able to choose which pro players will be taking part by voting for their favourites in each role and region. Voting will open for a whole week on November 9.

With this year’s All-Star being played online, the format is a lot different than you may remember. The first day of action will be on December 18 and will see a competition called Underdog Uprising take place. This sees All-Star teams from the top four leagues (LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS) play matches against teams from smaller regions.

The matches essentially involve the regions that are geographically nearest each other to help with what’ll be a tricky weekend for ping. LCK will play PCS and OCE, LPL will play VCS and LJL, LCS will play LLA and CBLOL, and LEC will play LCL and TCL. Heck, that’s a lot of acronyms.

Then December 19 and 20 will see the Superstar Showdown take place, and this event will see the fan-voted All-Stars, top former pros, and influencers from the top four regions all do battle. December 19 will be reserved for the LCK and LPL, while December 20 will be for the LCS and LEC teams.

The All-Star pro teams will face each other for a best-of-three, which of course will have some twists and shenanigans, while the influencers and ex-pros will take on each other in best-of-ones.

While getting an All-Star event is a surprise in itself, the biggest shock of the entire announcement for LoL fans was this: Ornn is finally getting a skin. We did it, guys, we did it.

That’s right, Ornn, who has not received a skin since 2017 and has only ever had one before that, will finally have that previously teased new Elderwood skin available for 1350 RP in the store. 100% of the proceeds from Elderwood Ornn will also be going to Riot’s Social Impact Fund, so everyone is a winner.

The developer update video from January featured a preview of the Elderwood Ornn skin, but we’re still awaiting some official splash art. Check it out above.

All-Star should be the perfect shoulder-dropping and rib-splitting event we all deserve after a year like 2020. Sure we won’t see our favourite pros play with and against each other face to face, but it’s shaping up already to be a great event.