The average LCS player is getting paid about $400k per year

According to Hal Biagas, the executive director of the NA League of Legends Championship Series Players Association (or NALCSPA for short), the average salary of an LCS player is now $410,000. When talking to Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles on the commentator’s Cloud9 Twitch show, Essential Esports, it was revealed what the average player’s salary is and it’s certainly impressive (via Dot Esports).

That’s not to say all players going to LCS are going to make that much though. It’s worth noting that ESPN reported the average salary was $105,385 for the American team players they talked to. It also doesn’t sum up each end of the spectrum as it is alleged that some players are bagging more than a million in salaries, which could skew the results quite dramatically.

Biagas broke the news on the show and gave us a little insight into why this information isn’t just interesting, it’s important players know these numbers. “Couple things if I may, I’ll share some information here that Bryce [Blum] alluded to average salaries of over $300k. I’ll break it on your show that this year we clipped $400k as an average LCS salary – $410k.

“We’ll toot our own horn a little bit on this, this past year was the first year we really had a complete salary or relatively complete salary database that we shared with the players and the player agents which allowed them to go into their negotiations with their teams on a much more equal footing. Levelling the playing field by giving them the information of their peers and their salaries.”

Long story short, players knowing the salaries of their peers is important so it puts the power in their hands when it comes to negotiating their own paychecks. It also means the NALCSPA can keep a record of the salaries in the future.

The real question is what skins they like to buy with those paychecks, right?

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