Fans have watched over 6,000 years worth of LoL Worlds Group Stage content


With the tantalising storylines of the rise and fall of teams in this year’s League of Legends Worlds Championship, it’s no surprise that more people are tuning in than ever before. In fact, fans can’t get enough of Worlds 2019, watching over 56 million hours worth of the Group Stage coverage, which equates to 6,388 years worth of viewing time. But then again, who’s counting?

Well Esports Charts is, and it looks like Worlds 2019 is breaking pretty much every record in the viewership book. Day two of the main event featured a rematch of the 2013 Worlds final, with SK Telecom T1 taking on RNG, in a match up that pulled in 2,044,549 peak viewers. If you compare this to the match which had the highest peak last year (Cloud9 vs Team Vitality), those numbers increase by 77%.

There’s also been a huge rise in the amount of Korean viewers tuning into the Group Stage, thanks to the success of SKT so far. With the South Korean team facing European team Splyce on Sunday (October 27), this tournament has the potential to be the most-watched in World’s nine year history.

But we’re not done yet. The gap between Twitch and YouTube also seems to be closing for this year’s tournament too. YouTube’s highest peak this year is 909,527, just a mere 4,486 thousand viewers below Twitch’s highest. The battle between the streaming platforms is worth keeping an eye on as the tournament progresses, and will, if anything, demonstrate where the largest pool of League of Legends esports fans are.

Worlds will continue at the weekend, with the first of the quarter-finals between Griffin and on Invictus Gaming taking place from 3AM PDT (11am BST) on Saturday, October 26.

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