KSI wants Logan Paul to get down on his knees and beg for another fight

The YouTube star says he brought Paul out from "the depths of hell"

KSI Logan Paul boxing

Youtube star KSI says he won’t get back into the boxing ring with Logan Paul unless he gets down on his knees and begs for it. The Brit says it’s not logical for him to fight Paul again after he defeated his rival by split decision earlier this month.

KSI emerged victorious at the Los Angeles Staples Centre on November 9, two years on from their first match up, which resulted in a draw. According to KSI, he made £900,000 from the second fight.

Now weeks on from his win, KSI reveals on No Jumper that life is pretty sweet post-fight, but his feud with his opponent is still as spicy as ever. “I brought him back from the depths of hell and then threw him back again and in the process, I took everything that I needed from him,” he says on the show, which you can watch below.

“I literally twisted him out, and threw him back in the bin. It doesn’t make sense for me to fight Logan again. I was the champion – he had two chances to beat me and he failed twice.

“If he wants to fight me again, I want him to beg. I want him to make videos of him begging on his knees saying ‘Hey KSI, I need this fight, I need you to help me and my career.'”

The YouTuber, who’s now back at home working on his music, says the victory in the ring has led to him being mobbed by fans in London, but his and Paul’s experience won’t encourage more celebrities to don the gloves.

“It’s a lot on the line,” KSI says. “It’s whole legacy risky and once you lose, it’s ‘fuck where do I go from there?’ I think a lot of rappers and celebrities will probably stay away from it because their legacy could be fucked up in a moment.”

Regardless of that, KSI still wants to meet someone different in the ring. We know it won’t be one of the Paul brothers, but no one so far has stepped forward to take on the challenge.