An esports cafe has been set up for elderly gamers in Japan

ISR Esports wants to help senior citizens learn new skills

It’s an undeniable fact: games bring people together. During the pandemic, many have combated the isolation lockdown brings by playing games together with friends. Now, to bring that joy to others, an internet cafe in Japan has been set up to teach senior citizens how to play esports-focused games.

ISR Esports, as spotted by Daniel Ahmad, was opened in Kobe last week with the aim of bringing residents aged 60 and above together. The cafe, which boasts several high-end systems, is open to those who have never played a game before. There are staff on hand to help transition the new gamers into fully fledged esports titles too.

The cafe was busy during its launch last week, and with sessions comprising of 90 minutes gameplay and 30 minutes relaxation, ISR hopes to not only introduce more people to the world of games, but help senior citizens learn new skills and meet new people.

The cafe is, of course, following guidelines to protect its users against the coronavirus, but given it’s already had some fully booked days so far, it’s off to a good start.

Anything that gets people into games is good in our books, and who knows, we might even see the next big Silver Surfers team come from this.