Games trade bodies unveil principles for fun and fair esports

The principles are developed to help guide the professional scene

LoL esports fans

Video games trade bodies from around the world have released a set of guiding principles for the esports market. In a joint announcement, organisations representing the games industries in countries including the US, UK, EU, France, Italy, and Germany say that these principles were developed collaboratively and will ensure a positive global esports business.

The first principle is the safety and well-being of both participants and viewers, with esports being free from harassment and threats. Integrity and fair play is the second golden rule, with cheating, hacking and other rule breaking leading to “the legitimacy of esports” being tarnished. Third on the list is respect and diversity, with esports expected to recognise people from all “backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.”

The fourth and final article is for esports to help enrich players and fans and help them develop.

“Our esports community includes the game publishers and intellectual property owners whose games are at the core of the esports ecosystem as well as the players, teams, and tournament organisers who bring this vibrant community to life,” these organisations say.

“As members of this community, we created these guiding principles to foster an esports environment that is vibrant, engaging, fair and fun for everyone. As esports continues to grow, collectively we support an ecosystem of play that can be enjoyed by all members of the community – from international competitions to local community events.

“We believe values of respect, diversity, safety, integrity, and fair play should be the foundation upon which positive and enriching esports communities are built. It is our sincere hope that others in the esports community will join us today in welcoming our universal esports principles and affirming belief in an open and inclusive esports environment.”