Horizon Forbidden West best weapons

Looking for a list of the Horizon Forbidden West best weapons or a rundown of some of the options on offer in the sequel? You're in the right place

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons: Aloy can be seen preparing to aim her bow at a monster in the corner.

Horizon Forbidden West is all about the weapons you use to take down the dozens of different machines roaming the open world. Whether it be with a traditional bow, or more explosive weapon like the slings, there are plenty of options for taking down those tinny terrors.

Horizon Forbidden West is looking to shake up the combat experience dramatically, honing melee combat and improving ranged combat in key areas. Horizon Forbidden West’s Valor Surges also add more variety to combat with custom attacks and super moves to help expand Aloy’s options.

Now that the game is here, you might be wondering what the strongest weapons are for taking down and pillaging machines. We’ve painstakingly sorted the wheat from the chaff so that you don’t have to waste time that should be spent enjoying the new Guerrilla game. Here’s a list of all Horizon Forbidden West’s best weapons.


These are our picks for Horizon Forbidden West best weapons:

  • Best Warrior Bow: The Sun Scourge
  • Best Shapshot Bow: Forgefall
  • Best Spike Thrower: The Skykiller
  • Best Shredder Gauntlet: Ancestor’s Return
  • Best Tripcaster: Tinkerer’s Pride

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons: Aloy can be seen with her spear out crouching behind some enemies.

Best Warrior Bow: The Sun Scourge

The best Warrior bow is called The Sun Scourge. It is powerful, mid-range bow that can shoot fire, freeze, and acid ammo and has five coil slots. It is unlocked by completing the First Forge side quest.

On top of that, alongside being legendary, it offers improved reload speed, overdraw damage, agility damage, and aerial damage when upgraded.

Best Sharpshot Bow: Forgefall

Forgefall can be unlocked by trading in a large number of Arena medals and it offers a high amount of damage.

Significant upgrades also help boost the bow to be one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Best Spike THrower: The Skykiller

The Skykiller is another one of the best weapons in the game. Packing fire and explosive damage, it is capable of decimating groups of tightly packed machines or humans in rebel camps.

This weapon is easily unlocked during the No Way Home side quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons: Aloy can be seen riding a charger and firing a warrior bow

Best Shredder Gauntlet: Ancestor’s Return

The Ancestor’s Return is an extremely strong Shredder Gauntlet and it can be found by finding all the Ornaments in the game and returning them to Stemmur.

Capable of dealing tear, acid, and shock damage, it is a brilliant utility weapon that can fit any encounter and net you rare machine parts as well.

Best Tripcaster: Tinker’s Pride

With three types of explosive wire, the Tinker’s Pride is one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, able to deal even more damage and stun larger enemies thanks to a number of upgrades you can get for the Tripcaster.

Five coil slots also allow you to customise it to the best of your ability to fit your playstyle.

That covers all the Horizon Forbidden West weapons that have been announced so far. If you want to know which Horizon Forbidden West machines you will be taking down with these weapons, we have a full list.