Hogwarts Legacy might have wand customisation

Harry Potter fans desperately want there to be some form of wand customisation in Hogwarts Legacy and it looks like Avalanche has considered that at some point

Hogwarts Legacy wand customisation: a wizard holds his wand

Any Harry Potter fan will know that a wand chooses its witch or wizard, but in previous games, players have never had that privilege. However, with Hogwarts Legacy honing in on a new character and a new adventure, many have been left wondering whether they’ll be able to take a trip to Ollivanders themselves. Well, according to one Redditor, Avalanche Software has talked about just that.

In a post that has since been verified by the mod team in the Harry Potter Game subreddit, Redditor LittleOTT lets slip a few early secrets from a friend of theirs who worked on the initial development of the game at Warner Bros. Apparently the team has considered romances, including LGBTQIA+ options – something that has long been rumoured, especially since Avalanche is rumoured to be working on trans characters – wand customisation, an engaging sorting process for the Hogwarts Legacy houses, and a Squib (a non-magical person born from a magical wizarding family) backstory.

LittleOTT notes that this person was part of the initial planning stages five years ago and that things could have changed since then, especially now that they are no longer a part of that team. However, this little development snippet has got the community a little hot under the collar.

Wand customisation has been a much requested feature by the community – especially after the gameplay reveal at the Sony State of Play in March which showed witches and wizards with different types of wands in classes and a lot of gameplay systems.

Harry Potter fans will know that no two wands are exactly alike because they have different characters depending on what tree and creature their materials are derived from. With 53 different types of wood and 16 cores currently known in wandlore, players would have a lot to think about if wand customisation does make it to the final version of the game.

Even if players can’t pick what goes into their wands, they could well have the option to change their appearance. In the Harry Potter films, the wands each witch and wizard were equipped with steadily became more and more ornate and there’s hope among the community that freedom will be afforded to them.

Until we get more information on the Hogwarts Legacy release date, though, we’ll have to wait and see. We know that Avalanche didn’t stick with the Cyberpunk Harry Potter setting LittleOTT talks about above, so who knows what else has been left on the cutting room floor.