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Teaming up in Helldivers 2 clans could be next for the PS5 shooter

A new Helldivers 2 Major Order may not lead to weapons or Stratagems, but instead the introduction of Helldivers 2 clans on PlayStaiton 5.

Helldivers 2 clans platoons: An image of a Helldiver fighting a terminid.

Deploying with fellow Helldivers 2 players never fails to get the adrenaline pumping, especially as soon as that theme tune hits. But what if teaming up for democracy meant a little more to you? Well, it is possible that Arrowhead Game Studios is working on introducing Helldivers 2 clans into its hit PS5 shooter – if this ongoing theory is to be believed, that is.

Right now, there is a new Major Order underway in Helldivers 2, which revolves around securing the mysterious “interplanetary battle station.” The natural assumption would be to ponder if this is a new weapon for the acclaimed co-op game, but to us, this sounds like the start of something bigger. Since the game’s launch in February, players have been hoping for a clan system to emerge, but let remind you about a series of leaks supporting the feature’s debut.

Supposedly labeled as “Platoons” within the multiplayer game‘s lore, players would be able to create and join them, with a ranking system also in place to progress through. According to the leaks, as documented by YouTuber ‘Glitch Unlimited’, Platoons reportedly include the following ranks below.

  • Company Commander
  • Commander
  • Officer
  • Private
YouTube Thumbnail

Furthermore, unreleased in-game messages for the game will allegedly greet players by explaining the Platoon system: “Welcome to the Platoon page! You are currently not part of a Platoon, but you can create your own, or be invited to an existing Platoon by a fellow Helldiver.” It is unknown how many players can join a Platoon, but given that the PS5 exclusive is built up of four players within any match configuration, we reckon that could be the limit.

However, recent live-service games like the ill-fated Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League allow players to join clans with upwards of 16 members, despite gameplay focusing on 4-player skirmishes. So, it is still possible that Helldivers 2 Platoons may function similarly. What we’re curious about, though, is whether Platoons will feature their own unique rewards. Arrowhead has remained impressively consistent with its Warbonds, but a set of slick Platoon-exclusive cosmetics or weapons could be a nice incentive to group up with your fellow divers.

Helldivers 2 clans: An image of a Helldivers 2 Major Order.

Before Platoons do arrive, we really need Arrowhead to introduce the Illuminate, an enemy faction that has been on the cards for some time. Fighting Automatons and Terminids is fun, but we’re ready for new kind of interstellar fight. Considering that the game’s “second galactic war” is ongoing, the time is now for a fresh foe.

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