Disguised Toast promises return to Hearthstone if Blitzchung ban is reversed

Disguised Toast has promised fans he will return to streaming Hearthstone if Blizzard unban Hong Kongese player Blitzchung

Disguised Toast

A Teamfight Tactics streamer, who had previously made his name streaming Hearthstone, has promised he will return to the card game if Blizzard reverse their decision to ban a Hong Kongese player.

Canadian Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang tweeted the pledge to return to Hearthstone in solidarity with Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai, who was banned from competitive events for a year after he appeared in a post-match interview wearing a gas mask and shouted “Liberate Hong Kong” live on stream. Disguised Toast is the latest big name to put pressure on Blizzard, with a number of well known figures in the Hearthstone community speaking out and boycotting Blizzard games and tournaments. However, Disguised Toast is thinking of going a different route to force change.

“Hearthstone streamers are being pressured to stop streaming Hearthstone due to the Blitzchung drama, but that’s financially unrealistic for them. So I’ll make this offer instead. BLIZZARD, I will START playing Hearthstone again if you reconsider your position about his ban,” his tweet reads.

Disguised Toast has a large following, with over a million followers on Twitch. His streaming career began with Hearthstone, before he recently shifted his focus to Teamfight Tactics content.

The decision to ban Blitzchung has sparked fierce debate in the gaming community about whether big companies are pandering to Chinese investors and audiences by attempting to silence people wanting to speak out about the protests in Hong Kong.