Halo Infinite roadmap delay has fans frustrated

Halo Infinite roadmap delays are starting to pile up and it's causing lots of frustration among fans of 343's latest iteration of the beloved arena shooter

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Halo Infinite has had a bumpy start. Only the campaign and multiplayer have been released so far – the latter still having some issues such as peeker’s advantage and a low tick rate – with co-op and the level-building Forge modes promised to come in later updates. But these promised updates haven’t even had a whiff of an ETA yet, and fans are getting frustrated.

Back in November, 343’s Joseph Staten stated that a Halo Infinite roadmap laying out plans for the title moving forward in 2022 would be arriving in January. On the first of February, Staten tweeted that 343 needed “more time to finalise our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we’ll have an update as soon as we can.”

It’s now been a month since Staten made that statement, three months since the launch of the game’s campaign, and even longer since multiplayer. Now, many fans online are predicting Halo Infinite’s second season will be delayed as a result: “Just wait until they delay season 2. You know it’s coming.” says Reddit user ‘AaronRodgersToe’ in a comment garnering 1.7 thousand upvotes.

This lack of a concrete timeline is frustrating fans, with some noting that Battlefield 2042, a game which has a plummeting player count and a refund petition against its name, even has a roadmap laid out. “They might be shit, but at least they have a timeline,” ‘MJBotte1’ says.

It’s been seven years since the previous Halo title, and player frustrations stem from the constant delays of both the game itself, which was supposed to launch alongside the Xbox Series X|S in November 2020, and the delays to the Seasons, updates, and roadmaps pertaining to the latest iteration of the adored arena shooter franchise.

Who knows, maybe this public outcry will force Staten’s hand in issuing an update.