Halo Infinite’s Forge will “change the game forever” says dev

With very little happening in Halo Infinite land, a developer has come out and said that he thinks Forge will be a big shift for the shooter

Halo Infinite Forge Change The Game: A Spartan can be seen holding a pistol and looking at a giant masterchief

It wouldn’t be controversial to say that the post-launch content for Halo Infinite has been less than ideal. But, with the full co-op campaign release date on the horizon and Forge coming soon after, a developer on the shooter has said it will “change the game forever”.

Replying to a comment from Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop on Twitter saying Halo Infinite “had nothing”, Tashi, the Halo esports and viewership lead at 343 Industries said that “big stuff [is] on the way”.

Following up, Tashi elaborated further and said that “the whole studio wants more too” for Halo Infinite. “I think Forge is going to change the game forever – more maps, modes, weapons, equipment coming”.

This could be true as everything we have seen from the Halo Forge mode leaks so far suggest it will be a big infusion of energy for the game, with player-created maps, modes, and more. But, there is some debate over whether or not it can bring people into Halo Infinite or bring those who have left back.

But, at least it does appear that 343 is aware of the criticism facing the game over the last few months and taking it onboard with Tashi closing by saying “We are sharing more real soon, lots to be excited for – we gotta deliver.”

Those aforementioned leaks for Forge do suggest that the mode will see a number of massive additions such as the ability to change the size and positions of objects on the map, completely add new objects to multiplayer maps, and even a script editor.

But, ultimately we still don’t know what features the mode will have. And, in the end, it will come down to what players think after getting their hands on it, which should hopefully be when Season 3 launches in November, providing the mode doesn’t get delayed.