GTA Online’s GTA+ membership lets you pay $6 for new microtransactions

Rockstar has introduced GTA +, a new subscritpion service for GTA Online that gives you beenfits like more microtransactions and old content

GTA Online GTA Plus membership: a player can be seen walking into a VIP room while another looks at their car collection

Rockstar Games has only just released GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but now you will be able to subscribe to a subscription service that features a bunch of questionable benefits. GTA+ is the name of the service and it includes more microtransactions for you to buy, old content, and a fair bit more.

Costing $5.99 a month (roughly £4.55) the service offers up $500,000 of cash every 30 days, old properties from previous gameplay updates for you to buy, cash and RP bonuses, exclusive discounts and special vehicle upgrades. The service kicks off on March 29, 2022.

While all of this might seem fairly uneventful, GTA+ members will also get access to exclusive microtransactions. Yes, you read that right. Members will get exclusive GTA+ Shark Cards which they can then purchase for real money in the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store. No, you don’t get them for free, you have to pay for them. They simply just have better bonus cash .

Ultimately, this bundle is quite similar to what Epic are offering with Fortnite Crew. Although, we have to say paying a subscription to get access to exclusive microtransactions with better bonus cash for the money you put in isn’t going to go down well with the community most likely.

This month’s rewards if you do want to subscribe include bonuses like triple the money and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series, double Car Meet rep on the Street Race Series, a unique t-shirt, the waving of the LS Car Meet Membership fees, and more.

This subscription service certainly seems like an eyebrow-raising decision from Rockstar, especially as it is exclusive to only the latest consoles. With other services and microtransactions being walked back in the past, we have to wonder if GTA+ will still be around in this form in just a few months’ time or if Rockstar will cut back on some of the more controversial additions, like the unique shark cards.