The Gooch is now live and terrorising GTA Online

GTA Online players beware as The Gooch is in GTA 5 and ready to cause havoc all over Los Santos as part of the new Christmas update

The Gooch mask in GTA Online by Rockstar Games


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in GTA Online. Snow is falling on Los Santos Drug Wars, but players may have to put their deals aside for a new threat. Rockstar Games is pitting players against The Gooch and he doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice.

The GTA Online Christmas update is rolling out now for players, adding Rockstar’s new fiendish foe The Gooch into the game. According to GTA 5  YouTuber ‘GTA Series Videos’, The Gooch “is a new random event where a Christmas monster will randomly steal money and snacks” from players. If you haven’t twigged by now, The Gooch is of course a satirical take on The Grinch.

Similar to the Mugger NPC that GTA players can call in on their foes, The Gooch can be killed, dropping a new cosmetic, “The Gooch Mask,” in the process. For taking down the hairy green beast, a reward of $25,000 will be included with your returned items.

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It doesn’t matter what GTA Online modes you play either. As long as two players are present in the session, The Gooch will be waiting to pounce. 

The festivities don’t stop there though. Invite your friends down to the coast for a few laughs too, for the Weazel Plaza shootout event. Taking inspiration from Christmas classic (yes, that’s right) Die Hard, players need to be there between 6AM – 8PM, per in-game time. The event will be triggered after remaining in a game session for 20 minutes.

While you keep an eye on The Gooch, GTA Online may have dropped a new GTA 6 tease, alluding to a very iconic city. After Rockstar Games’ massive GTA 6 leak earlier this year, we can’t wait to see where the franchise goes next.