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Gran Turismo 7 customisation options total “several thousand”

Everyone's favourite Sony exclusive racing game is coming back with even more ways in which to modify your car

Gran Turismo 7 customisation: A blue and black Lamborghini race car set against a grey back drop

Sony’s premiere racing series Gran Turismo has a distinguished pedigree. It’s been around for as long as anyone can remember, and fans are always eager for the next one. Now, after a State of Play focusing solely on the series’ next iteration, Gran Turismo 7, we know that there will be a wealth of customisation options when it releases on March 4.

Car customisation in Gran Turismo 7 is distinctly different from car tuning. Where tuning involves making changes to a car’s performance, customisation is mainly about how it looks. From what we’ve seen in the showcase, you can do anything from spraying your Brembo brake callipers all kinds of different colours to changing spoilers, the height at which the spoiler sits, and even the end plates that hang from its sides. Other customisation options include installing add-on parts like exhausts, roll cages, and wide-body modifications.

On the superficial front, Polyphony Digital have evolved the livery editor for painting and decorating your cars. You can now place stickers in even more places – including in areas you couldn’t before, like windows – and the total number of stickers you can slap on has also increased. The ability to wash your car and perform an oil change on them will also return, meaning you can keep your favourite creations sparkly clean after returning from those tense racing or drifting sessions.

Within Gran Turismo 7, there will be over 650 aerodynamic parts available that you can use to customise your cars, as well as 130 types of different wheels from manufacturers like BBS and 1,200 colours of paint. Polyphony says that each car boasts “several dozen types of parts”, which in total means there are “several thousand” customisation options within the game.

With this plethora of customisation options, you might want to consult our constantly updated Gran Turismo 7 car list so that you can start planning your dream car setup – or maybe you want to get an idea for your next viral memey monstrosity.