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Genshin Impact Wanderer birthday celebrations feature fan art and food

The Genshin Impact Wanderer birthday party is in full swing, with developer HoYoverse sharing art online, and goodies in-game, with the ARPG's players

Genshin Impact Wanderer birthday: Wanderer, aka Scaramouche

Today is a very special day in Teyvat, for the Wanderer (or Scaramouche as he once went by) is celebrating another year around the sun – or whatever celestial body Genshin Impact’s inhabitants use to map out its calendar. And, of course, developer HoYoverse is making sure the Genshin Impact Wanderer birthday celebrations are being done properly.

As one of the latest Genshin Impact characters to finally become playable within HoYoverse’s hit action role-playing game, Wanderer – who first became obtainable in phase one of the 3.3 update – has ditched the Genshin Impact banner for a birthday one.

To commemorate Wanderer’s birthday, the studio has not only shared new, official art across its socials, but a host of fan art of him has also been collated over on the official Genshin TikTok page.

Additionally, as per tradition with character birthdays, players will find a letter from Wanderer in their Mailbox, alongside a host of tasty treats – including his specialty dish: Shimi Chazuke.

Genshin Impact Wanderer birthday: Wanderer, aka Scaramouche

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