Genshin Impact TCG leak reveals two new potential character cards

The latest Genshin Impact TCG leak for Version 3.4 could see the integration of a couple of the ARPG's best characters in card game form

Genshin Impact TCG leak: 3.4 Klee

A new Genshin Impact TCG leak has been reported, and this time it looks like two fan-favourite characters will be making their way into developer HoYoverse’s recently-released card game.

According to reliable leaker ‘Pengepul Teyvat’, Beidou and Klee will both be getting character cards sometime after the Genshin Impact 3.4 release date rolls round. While we’re not expecting them to arrive on the Genshin Impact 3.4 banners themselves, this will at least give fans the opportunity to get their hands on them in a more two-dimensional capacity.

Both characters’ mechanics appear to remain consistent with their main game identities. Beidou can generate shields, while setting up for an attack on her follow-up action. Klee, meanwhile, makes the opponent go *boom* in the most Klee way possible – sabotage.

Here are the full rundowns for Beidou and Klee.

The Genshin Impact TCG has already been hailed by fans for its addictiveness. And though content is currently gated behind weekly progression, it’s not stopping players from piling hours into the new mode.