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New Genshin Impact update adds a massive map with huge summer vibes

Get ready for the Genshin Impact Summertide Scales and Tales update on PS5 and Xbox, as Hoyoverse brings an all-new map to explore.

Genshin Impact 4.8 update: An image of the Summertide Scales and Tales update in Genshin Impact.

The sun is shining in Genshin Impact, as the time to get excited about the Genshin Impact 4.8 update is now. Hoyoverse’s next major update for its gacha hit is right around the corner for PlayStation and Xbox players, with the Honkai Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero studio continuing its summer tradition of adding a brand-new map to explore. So, let’s get ready for the Genshin Impact Summertide Scales and Tales patch.

You can dive into this new Genshin Impact update on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. As expected with Hoyoverse’s update cadence for the ever-popular RPG game, we anticipate it will be available to install for PS5 and Xbox owners at the following times on Tuesday, July 16, 2024: 8:00PM PT, 11:00PM ET, and 4:00AM BST. However, bear in mind that the game’s servers are likely to be down for a few hours before you can dive back in.

Once it is live, Travelers will be welcomed into the region of Simulanka, the update’s limited-time addition to the open world game. Simulanka is filled to the brim with gorgeous animals with an origami aesthetic, and breathtaking vistas to take in. In a press release from Hoyoverse, the studio says that “together with Kirara, Nilou, Navia, and the Wanderer, players can explore the enchanting landscapes, lend a hand to resolve an impending crisis, as well as uncover the truth and surprises of this magical world.”

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There will be new Genshin Impact banners to get your hands within the Summertide Scales and Tales update, with all of them giving you a chance to net a 5-star banner. Unlike other updates, there isn’t a 4-star banner to acquire this time around. Interesting, Hoyoverse is only including one entirely new 5-star banner, with the rest comprised of returning characters from the past. If you’re wondering what banners will be available, here’s what Hoyoverse has planned:

  • Navia ‘In the Name of the Rosula banner’ (Phase 1)
  • Nilou ‘Twirling Lotus banner’ – Phase 1)
  • Emilie ‘Ambrosial Essence banner’ (New Phase 2)
  • Yelan ‘Discerner of Enigmas banner’ (Phase 2)

Emilie’s signature Polearm will also be available as Phase 2 weapon, just in case you fancy switching up your arsenal. Hoyoverse is also aiming to give the beloved gacha game some quality-of-life features akin to titles like Honkai Stair Rail or the recently released Zenless Zone Zero.

Specifically, the 4.8 update will make it possible for players to earn Encounter Points organically over time, which can then be used to complete Daily Commissions. For those of you fighting bosses, these foes will now respawn every 10 seconds when the multiplayer game update arrives.

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There’s plenty to get excited about in the Summertide Scales and Tales update, but have you tried out Hoyoverse’s Zenless Zone Zero yet? If not, we can help you get started with comprehensive guides on all the Zenless Zone Zero characters, Zenless Zone Zero codes, and the essential Zenless Zero tier list.

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