TheGrefg smashes his monitor in Fortnite rage quit


Fortnite isn’t usually the game you’d associate with rage quitting, but David ‘TheGrefg’ Canovas Martinez clearly had a trip to Tilted Towers during his last stream.

The Spanish streamer, who made the move to Twitch from YouTube last year, broke one of his monitors after he punched the desk repeatedly after getting shot. TheGrefg had only been streaming for 45 minutes yesterday (February 16) before he abandoned both the game and his stream.

The incident happened while the 22-year-old was farming in a forest just north of Frenzy Farm. But just seconds after landing, the streamer was killed instantly, prompting him to lose his cool entirely. In the clip below, you can see TheGrefg punch the desk once before the feed to his webcam is lost. A crash, presumably his monitor hitting the floor, can be heard in the background followed by more bangs and a frustrated yell.

It takes a while for the streamer to sort everything back out, but when the Spaniard finally gets his webcam back up and working, he shows off his broken Asus monitor, before ending the stream there and then.

It’s a pretty expensive mistake to make, but given that TheGrefg has had a phenomenal rate of growth on Twitch, we presume he’ll be back up and running soon.