Australian Fortnite pro SerpentAU released by team for using macros

Overtime Gaming says it has "definite reasoning" to believe SerpentAU has used macros

An Australian Fortnite pro has been released from his organisation after being found to have used macros to improve his gameplay.

On June 10, Overtime Gaming announced that ‘SerpentAU’ would be leaving the organisation with immediate effect after an investigation concluded that he “committed an act of dishonesty” by using macros, a feature of gaming mice and keyboards that allows players to bind a sequence of actions to a single key. SerpentAU was the target of an accusation video by YouTuber EJLad on June 6, in which he alleges the pro player was cheating or misleading his audience in a number of ways, including with the use of macros.

In a response video that has been watched over 500,000 times, SerpentAU rubbishes the accusations, providing explanations and evidence that EJLad’s claims were false. However, towards the end of the video, SerpentAU admits to using macros for content in an old video before he became a notable pro and YouTube creator.

While SerpentAU appeared to have cleared his name, his organisation today issued a statement saying that he is being released.

“As of this moment, SerpentAU is released,” the statement reads. “After further investigation within the last 12 hours, we have definite reasoning to believe that SerpentAU has committed an act of dishonesty through the use of macros – to his staff, friends, and community.”

SerpentAU has yet to respond to the news of his departure from Overtime Gaming.

The use of macros has become a hot topic in Fortnite esports this week, with NRG’s Williams ‘Zayt’ Aubin accusing several notable pro players of using them. In tweets that have now been deleted by Zayt, he accuses players such as Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, Leon ‘Khanada’ Khim, and many others of using macros to enhance their gameplay.

According to section 8.2.1 of Epic’s Fortnite Champion Series rulebook for Chapter 2 – Season 2, “using macro keys or similar methods to automate in-game actions” is listed as an example of unfair play which can land players disciplinary action.

This rule also covers all other Chapter 2 – Season 2 competitive events.