Reverse2k quits Fortnite esports after becoming “tired” of the community

Reverse2k has announced an end to his Fortnite esports career, but he will continue playing the battle royale for fun

fornite streamer reverse2k

Professional Fornite player and streamer Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner, has announced his decision to stop playing the game in a competitive capacity, though it won’t be the end for him and Fornite totally.

“[I’ll] keep this short and simple,” Reverse2k says in a Twitter post. “I am done playing Fortnite competitively. I still love the game, still want to compete, but I was kinda tired of the community and the game itself.”

He then goes on to follow up with why he decided to quit competitive Fornite play, noting he’s sick of being disrespected by others in the community. “[I don’t care] if people hate me,” he says, “but the constant disrespect on my name and playstyle was just too much. I was tired of having to “prove” that I was a top player, and trying to find new teammates every other tournament.”

Reverse2k has had a pretty rough deal with Fortnite recently. In February, the player revealed he was a free-agent and, after some pretty rocky seasons, he stated he was “looking to quit” playing Fortnite altogether because of the “terrible” community.

Now it looks like Reverse2k has finally acted on that promise. While he won’t stop playing Fortnite altogether, it is the end for his competitive career – at least for now.