Fortnite pro banned for getting inventory bug has decision reversed by Epic

A Fortnite pro who was banned for cheating in a Fortnite Champion Series match has had the decision overturned by Epic because he actually encountered the game’s now infamous inventory bug.

During an FNCS event on August 1, Vanish Gaming player ‘Waffles’ went to loot an enemy player, only for his entire inventory to be replaced by an unlimited number of Crash Pads, which are throwable items that turn into Launch Pad-style bouncers when they hit the floor. According to the FNCS Chapter 2: Season 3 rulebook, players should always play through “technical issues and bugs” as stopping play because of them will not result in a remake of the match. That is exactly what Waffles did and ended up finishing in third place despite being armed with only Crash Pads.

However, on completing the match, he was issued a disqualification from the tournament and later a complete ban on his Fortite account. This caused the hashtag ‘#freewaffles’ to trend thanks to uproar from the competitive Fortnite community.

Thanks to all that noise, Waffles reports that he has now been unbanned by Epic and can continue to compete in FNCS events. In the tweet announcing that he was unbanned, he thanked the Carter Pulse gaming agency, so it looks as if some legal muscles were flexed – or at least some strongly worded corporate emails were exchanged – to get Epic to reverse Waffles’ ban.

Say what you want about the Fortnite community, but by rallying around behind Waffles they helped overturn a ban that never should’ve been issued in the first place.

Epic is currently working on fixing the inventory bug, and it’s the main reason why motorboats were pulled from the game earlier in the week.

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