Fortnite FNCS qualifier crowns its first female winner


Moqii ‘Moqii’ Zoldyck, a 14 year old Swedish Fortnite player, became the first female to win a Fortnite Champions Qualifying solos session yesterday. Across seven matches, Moqii averaged six eliminations, netted three Victory Royales and chalked up 94 points, just one better than second place.

Epic Games official tournament rules state that players must be at least 13 years old to compete; since turning 13, Moquii has been on the competitive scene and has played for Gen.G’s European team since February. Prior to yesterday’s session victory, she had notched up five top twenty finishes in major Fortnite events, but never made the top ten until yesterday.  Her highest finish had been 11th in the Contender Solo Cash Cup from November 2019.

The victory puts Moqii in a good position, but the qualifiers will continue next weekend before the Finals the weekend after, set to be played between August 14 and August 16. Moqii can’t rest on her laurels entirely, but every once in a while you have to stop and smell the Victory Royales.

Despite Moqii’s impressive achievement, detractors have been quick to crawl out of the woodwork. Moqii initially mistakenly referred to herself as the first female winner of a Fortnite event on Twitter, before quickly correcting ‘event’ to ‘session’, though that has done little to stop the tide of toxicity directed towards her online.

For every troll her win has attracted though, there have been at least as many supporters congratulating her on her feat. With three victories out of seven, Moqii is in red hot form and will be looking to turn her session victory into a new personal best placement in the Finals.

FaZe pro Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson placed 8th in the session Moqii secured her victory in, although he had qualified the day before. Still, Mongraal isn’t the type of player to take his foot off the pedal, so placing above him is a huge mark of Moqii’s impressive skill, even without the overall session victory.

Moqii’s win comes less than a year after Tina ‘Tinaraes’ Perez became the first woman to win a Fortnite event in 2019’s TwitchCon; a squad victory with male players Julio ‘Pika’ Cesar Nevarez and Keenan ‘Rhux’ Santos in her team.

The mixed reaction to Moqii’s win shows female esports players there’s still a way to go to equality, but every victory is an important milestone. If you’re thinking of asking her to make you a sandwich, you’d better order it with extra salt.